April 21, 2005

What Bob Thinks

"Truth and beauty are in the eye of the beholder -- I stopped trying to figure everything out a long time ago."

Bob Dylan

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April 14, 2005


ok. Here's my translation of the French passage. I think it's interesting since Aoki-sensei always seems to come up with new ideas tailored to people's condition and age. I personally don't think that this "minimalist" keiko is appropriate for the young and energetic, but it does give us old folks some hope for our sunset years.

We have surely had experiences through body movement that most have never known. That is a good thing. What is unfortunate, however, is that our bodies (1) have been injured and worn out by the many years of our Shintaido practice. Our bodies’ youthfulness is a distant memory.I have been thinking continually about the development of a Shintaido which wouldn’t be detrimental to our physical condition. Several years ago I went to a large hospital where I was astonished to meet so many patients who had damaged hips and knees and who had not practiced Shintaido, in other words, who had not done any practice which would be harmful to the human body.(2)

I thought at that moment that I ought to develop a keiko which would allow people in such a condition to continue their practice right up to the end of their lives. In other words, that there be a practice which wouldn’t require extreme body movement, that would be easy, would purify the heart, encourage spirituality, deepen thoughts and direct one’s mind beyond one’s personal concerns. Simultaneously, in order to counter the brain’s aging process, it should be a practice which requires reflection and creativity. Each element of the practice should be free from too much detail - for example, it could be begun and ended at any point. And of course, it shouldn’t be too tiring...

(1) Referring to the retiring ISF Technical Committee members.

(2) He is talking about the "old" style of keiko practiced back in the early days.
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